Archaeological sensation

During this Summer archaeological excavations by river Aura near Turku have revealed sensational discovery. On a hill called Ristimäki ( Cross hill ) archaeologists of Turku University worked and found out the foundation of a Christian church. It has now dated to the end of 12th century. It’s measurements are 6m x 9,5m. The Legend of Saint Erik ( king of Sweden ) and Legend of Saint Henrik ( English bishop ) tell about the first crusade to Finland. Up to these days that crusade has been kept historical fact. The Ristimäki church is a testimony, that Christianity had come earlier to our land. The Dominicans were active here in the north on that period. It is obvious that they had traveled with merchants and brought the message of Christ to the Finns of that time. Now the early Finnish history must be rewritten. The Gospel has effected in Finland about 900 years. ( Foto: Ilari Korhonen )


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